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When I tried to use a PNG sequence as a texture in Cinema 4D, it only showed the first frame and didn’t animate.

Solution: When I import, it asked “Do you want to create a copy at the project location?” To this I must hit “NO”. Don’t ask me why, but saying yes prevents it from using the sequence, and only uses the first frame.

Despite this issue, don’t forget the correct methodology:
– Make a material, and load the sequence into the Color (or other) channel by selecting the Texture button within the channel.
– Choose first frame of image sequence, say “NO!” to creating a copy
– In the Animation properties, select Calculate at the bottom to load all the frames
– Back in the Material, select Editor tab and check Animate Preview to see it updated in the Viewport.


This confounded me for a while, until someone mentioned the solution–which was embarassingly easy.

To reverse the order of your layers in your timeline, simply shift-select your desired layers starting at the bottom to the top. Cut them (CMD-X). Paste them back in. (CMD-V)

Done. The layers are in reversed order because After Effects stacks the layers in the order you select them. You can even select them in any arbitrary order then cut and re-paste them if you need to re-stack them.

Other handy layer-ordering tools:

Randomize layer order:  LayerRandomShifter.jsx

Shift, sequence, and stagger layers: Rift