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There seems to be a bug/conflict with internal platter drives greater than 4T ,  Mac OS 10.10.3 (Yosemite) , Disk Utility, and my souped up 2010 Mac hardware. When I bought a new 4T Toshiba drive, Disk Utility incorrectly formatted it to be a Logical Volume Group drive. This works, but I noticed it was wrong because it had no S.M.A.R.T. status, and couldn’t be used as a startup disk, which was my intended use (nightly backup clone of my OS using Carbon Copy Cloner.)  Also, once I unmounted it, there was no way to re-mount it.

The fix was to use Terminal to reformat the drive.

In Terminal, type:

diskutil cs delete “Put Your Logical Volume Group UUID Here”

Don’t know your UUID? Run Disk Utility’s “Verify Disk” on the problem drive and the UUID will come up in the notes.

Or, if that doesn’t show it, go to the Apple symbol in the upper left corner of the screen > About this Mac > System Report > Hardware – Storage.  Look for the LVG UUID (not LV, or PV or just UUID)

Be careful to use the correct UUID! This will erase and format the drive in an instant!  You’ve been warned!

There are pretty much zero brokerages that are both CFTC regulated (for US citizens) which also have their own version of Metatrader for the Mac. (Let me know if you know of one.) Of the non-CFTC ones that have a Mac version, I suspect they’ve prepackaged something similar to the solution I (finally) found below for running MT4 on my Mac.  If it ends up working out for you (i.e. profitable!), throw this guy some bitcoin!

Installing MT4 & 5 on Mac

His instructions:
1. Download WineBottler 1.7.x from
2. Copy WineBottler and to your Mac.
3. Start WineBottler.
4. From the “Download” Section, click “Metatrader 5”.
5. Give the App a name.
6. Don’t let the installer create a Desktop Shortcut.
7. Don’t let the installer run Metatrader after installation.
8. Wait 🙂 .
9. Done. Run Metatrader from “On My Mac” or from wherever you have installed the App to.

My Note: This installed a generic version, which I couldn’t use with MBTrading. I had to go to 
— new prefix (default)
–select to install: mbtrading4setup.exe
–choose “this is an installer”
–“bundle” checked
–“Silent Install” checked

…which installs the Wine configuration as well as packages it as an .app for me:

If you’re moving files over to it, it’s also noteworthy that your indicators and EAs are
tucked away in :


(p.s. I’m not intentionally promoting MBTrading. They seemed to get pretty good reviews, are US-based, but don’t have chat-help 24/5, which does. So, I’m paper-trading both of them right now. Let me know if you have an opinion on these or others. I’d like my Georges to be as safe as possible once deployed!)