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If I have a group of objects, I often want to adjust their overall visibility without seeing an “x-ray” effect, where I see all their internal structures. I want to just have a semi-transparent group of objects. To do this, I can animate their transparency with the Display Tag, but the group also needs a Compositing Tag with Seen by Transparency turned OFF.


In this image, the torus is seen behind the other transparent objects, but we don’t see the internal collisions of the other objects.


This will display the markers as text on screen.

Apply this code to the SourceText expression area of a Text layer. Also note that the code below is referring to markers placed on a Null layer called “markers”. (Doesn’t work with markers put in the top of the timeline).

n = 0;
if (thisComp.layer("markers").marker.numKeys > 0){
  n = thisComp.layer("markers").marker.nearestKey(time).index;
  if (thisComp.layer("markers").marker.key(n).time > time){

if (n == 0){