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There’s a ridiculous bug in After Effects 2014.2.  (or maybe the OS I’m using?  10.10.3 Yosemite)

When I Collect Files, during the process if I move my mouse/input device the Collection will fail, leaving a partial “Footage” folder, and no AE file. 
If I use the Return key to start it and DON’T TOUCH MY MOUSE it works!

Additional bug:
When Collecting, the “Reduce Project” check-box option doesn’t seem to work in any case. However, it seems to work correctly when used outside of the Collect Files process.


Discovered the solution here:



  1. Can’t tell you how much this problem has been haunting me for the last few months. Hope to try this out when I’m back in the office.. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the tip off

  2. I’m still using CS6 for years.
    Is there any more app-breaking bug in CC?

    • Here’s another non-critical bug I found. (incorrect meta-data) Otherwise, I still think the benefits and features outweigh the bugs. After-all, we didn’t even have precompositions in version 3.1! …But it’s still frustrating to feel like we’re in an era of the end-user getting to be the beta-testers. I just loaded up the latest version of ’15 (released in June, I think). We’ll see how it goes. My biggest delay in using this one was that multi-processing has been disabled! Being able to multi-process 24 cores at a time was the whole reason I bought a maxed-out late-model (2012) 2×12 Mac last year.

  3. Here’s another documented bug I ran into: Hand tool doesn’t work horizontally in timeline on second monitor.

    And possibly a new one?: If you import a large batch of items (like accidentally clicking on a folder with a gazillion items), and then hit Cancel when you realize your mistake, you’ll have to “OK” every “missing footage” error that immediately pops up for all the items it thought it should be importing. It will also make a whole list of “Recovered Item” color bar proxies for the remaining items that didn’t get imported. Mostly an annoying problem, but it took me a couple minutes to “OK” my way through 150 items I cancelled at import.

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