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Ever wish you could just sit down with someone at Starbucks and have them tell you everything you basically need to know for getting into iOS development using Flash? This is a great presentation from the 2012 Flash Gaming Summit that covers everything you’ll be doing.

Grab some coffee and enjoy the next 45 minutes.


2014.05 update:

Flash has officially drifted to it’s niche, from it’s place of “does everything” glory, but it’s completely not dead. There are a lot of high-performance websites that still need to use Flash, because it’s just ridiculously hard (read: not smart from a business perspective) to try to make it work in HTML. These are also sites that know that your best experience will be on a browser, not on your phone while you’re trying to drive.

For maximum viewability on all platforms, Adobe has begun to address this with Adobe Edge, which is a pretty cool and ever growing piece of software that uses a Flash-like interface to create the complicated HTML/Javascript/CSS code on the back side for you.


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